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Jaane bhi do yaaro..

Congress has always been my favorite party. It gives me so much to gossip about. It is not that BJP or other party is any better. But in Indian politics, we choose not the better candidate but “less bad” guy to represent us in Parliament. So when India thought that they have done a good job in giving a clear mandate to Congress to “lead” us, they actually did a great job in choosing the right party to lead the corrupt useless scoundrels flourishing for last 60 years.

Earlier I hate congress because I never understood why even after 60 years of independence we are still under-developed and poverty, illiteracy, corruption etc are so rampant. Congress pats its back for opening up the economy but one should ask who closed the economy at first place. We share a special relationship with all our neighbors – Pakistan, china, Nepal , Bangladesh and now Sri lanka too. In brief, we are surrounded by countries with whom we have conflicts in one way or other. The list is endless but must have to congratulate the gandhi (are they really “Gandhi” 🙂 )family for being successful in fooling the Indians for more than half a century.

Now I have found a better way to channelize my anger by amusing myself at the cost of the “con”gress.

Anyways, coming back to my favorite past time. Following is the list of my top 5 role models in the area of politics and best part is all are from Congress (oops one from National Congress Party) party. Sorry my Bengali, UP, and Marathi bros, even Mamata di, Mayawati behen and bhala manus – Raj Thakre couldn’t make the list. So here it goes..

We’ll start with No. 5

5. Manmohan Singh – The King (or the Jack)



looks like too many hats..except the crown..

Almost everybody must have a dream that they will change the shape of this country if they are made the PM of ths country. Of course no nobody wants to become a President as it is wasted office. But this chap who is the PM for more than 7 years is as helpless as President. What a pity, the two top positions of India – President and PM don’t hold power to change the country. What will you expect of others? I bet if you ask any youth in India to bet on current PM in a leadership poll, the answer will be “No. Pleaaase”.

4. A. Raja  – Raja” of all Tughlaqs

Raja scam

Raja scam

Remember the figure Rs 70000 crore. We’ll use it later also. Yes that’s the amount our exchequer has lost because of this “Raja” of all Tughlaqs.

But I get he “reserves” that place, as he is a SC. SC issues notice to another SC..huhh..Even the judiciary is politically motivated..

Well but now who can blow the whistle …CVC’s Thomas is even planning to stop the “whistle podu” ad for Chennai Super kings.

3. M.S. Gill – coined the term “spoilsportsmanship”

MS gill

MS Gill

Big Ol’ daddy and role model for all babudom of the country. No wonder sports is flourishing in the country. You win a local gulli danda tournament and he’ll be there to take credit but please don’t ask about CWG.

And special advice to the coaches…Make sure you get yourself introduced before he ignores you and if he does, do learn to ignore as you ignore the world class sports facilities in the country.

2. Sharad Pawar – Guardian of twin ministries – “rotting” grains and “bouncy” gains



He is one of my favorites. I guess all politicians should learn from him. The country knows that Narayana Murthy has done country proud by creating and sharing wealth. But come to Maharashtra and you’ll come to know what “wealth creation” means. He takes it to a level never known before.

But forget sharing wealth, he don’t even believe in sharing “rotting food” to the poor. But can share some tips on Cricket …

  1. Suresh Kalmadi – All games and no sports..


And dhan te nan…well there is no better way than “kaminey” song to welcome the topper of my countdown…. Let’s play a quick game.. Type kalmadi on google and wait for a few seconds..  Google expects you to type “cwg”, “scam”, “issue”, “news”, “corruption”, “treadmill”, “jokes” etc. Going by the current rate of his popularity, he’ll even replace “santa” as joke king. Even Ranbir Kapoor is jealous of Mr. Kalmadi as he is the new poster boy of all news



channels. Pawar may be the biggest wealth creator, Kalmadi is surely the largest wealth sharer (wealth of commons – again the magical figure of 70000 cr).

Famous song “Munni badnam hui” has been christened as “Dilli badnaam hui Kalmadi tere liye…sadken bhi jaam hui CWG tere liye..” for CWG anthem.

Jaane bhi do yaaro.


Sharepoint 2010 sneakpeek from Arpan Shah

Building Solutions on SharePoint

Chronicles of “scary” half

I am big fan of Horror movies and recently I have seen some really ‘nice’ scary movies from bollywood. Thank god !! They have started to scare me. And atleast I have started saying “Nice try”. Raaz, Raaz 2 , 1920 etc are commendable efforts.

Anyways they have miles to go before they can make to the top ten list of my fav horror movies. Here it goes:

  1. Silence of the Lambs
  2. Psycho
  3. Alien
  4. The Shining
  5. The Thing
  6. The Exorcist
  7. Halloween
  8. Frankenstein
  9. Night of the living dead
  10. The Ring

Just to appease those may not agree with my list, here is the list of runners up:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Rosemary’s baby, Aliens, , Dawn of the dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, An American Werewolf in London, cannibal and Hellraiser

Sorry to the fans of Evil dead and Grudge series. you just missed the bus. 🙂

trouble shared is a trouble halved

Has sharepoint became the albatross in our neck? Yes… Do I hear distant but clear sighs…I am sure this is the case atleast for those, who are developing or using it without knowing what it is capable of doing.

I have always watching Sharepoint since its childhood days of MCMS…Boy!! it has surely grown into handsome guy with the world swooning on his tunes. People are jumping onto the bandwagon and the way Sharepoint’s juggernaut is moving, it will swallow its competitors very soon.

Well the post is not to talk about Sharepoint but about me and what the viewers would be expecting from the coming posts.

In every post I would be touch basing upon ideas, issues, solutions, workarounds related to Sharepoint to help the community.

The sole purpose of this blog is to give back to the community.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!