Sharepoint 2010: Standard vs Enterprise Licensing cost

Let me start with what you’ll miss if you don’t have “Enterprise” edition

The following features will not be available with Standard edition

  1. Business Intelligence
    • Performance point
    • Dashboards
    • Calculated KPIs
    • Advanced Charting
  2. Advanced Search Features
    • Contextual Search
    • Deep refinement
    • Thumbnails and Previews
    • Extended scale
  3. Forms and Business Data
    • Infopath Forms
    • Business Data Webparts
    • Data Connection Library
  4. Excel Services
  5. Visio Services
  6. Access Services

Most of all, you may want Enterprise CAL for your users if you want to integrate FAST Search.


1. Sharepoint includes a free Foundation Server edition which can be used for pilot studies and to support small in-house applications 

2. A single license for an internal SharePoint Server is likely to cost around £3000 (ex. VAT), in addition to which each user would require a client access licence (CAL), starting at around £60 each for the Standard CAL and almost double that to access Enterprise features.

3. CALs can’t be enforced on a public-facing Internet server so the sever licenses cost more. Expect to pay around £7500 (ex. VAT) for the Standard edition and £27,000 (ex. VAT) for an Enterprise license.

4. The FAST Search server, new in SharePoint 2010 and based on technology acquired by Microsoft in 2009, is a chargeable add-on, a server licence for this option adding a whopping £14,000 (ex. VAT) to the overall bill.

Not to mention that these costs don’t include Windows server and SQL server licensing.

You may have to remember that both standard and enterprise CALs cover only employees and not people outside organization. So if you want your portal/ site to be accessed by vendors, partners, suppliers or customers, you can either

  1. Buy appropriate CALs for them (if the number is less or you are “filthy rich”)
  2. Go for Internet edition standard or enterprise.

Hope this information helps you in choosing the right license. You can also use the online Microsoft License Advisor, which can help you choose a Volume Licensing program best suited for your organization


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