trouble shared is a trouble halved

Has sharepoint became the albatross in our neck? Yes… Do I hear distant but clear sighs…I am sure this is the case atleast for those, who are developing or using it without knowing what it is capable of doing.

I have always watching Sharepoint since its childhood days of MCMS…Boy!! it has surely grown into handsome guy with the world swooning on his tunes. People are jumping onto the bandwagon and the way Sharepoint’s juggernaut is moving, it will swallow its competitors very soon.

Well the post is not to talk about Sharepoint but about me and what the viewers would be expecting from the coming posts.

In every post I would be touch basing upon ideas, issues, solutions, workarounds related to Sharepoint to help the community.

The sole purpose of this blog is to give back to the community.


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